IV Therapies

IV therapies can be the most powerful method for jumpstarting a patient’s treatment.

With IV therapies, nutrients and medications are administered intravenously. Since they are being infused directly into the vein, this is the fastest way to dispense therapeutic agents throughout the body. IV infusions allows the substances being administered to bypass the gastrointestinal system and go directly into the bloodstream. Therefore, patients experience results more quickly than other methods of administration. The provider also carefully monitors the amounts of nutrients. This makes IV therapy a safe and efficient method of treatment.

Here at GFM Wellness, we offer four different options for IV therapy.

For all IV therapies, you must be seen by one of the providers here at GFM Wellness. They will be able to determine which therapy is most beneficial to meet your needs. Get started on your journey to wellness and read more on the specific IV Therapies our office offers below.